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Secure Payment Technology

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PCI-DSS Compliant Terminals

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Dedicated Merchant Support

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Since many POS systems are flexible when combined with a credit card processor, we are willing to combine efforts with POS system providers.

Many merchants prefer to work with a single point of contact instead of working with various companies; therefore, our goal is to complement the list and quality of services offered by POS dealers and bring more value to their merchant customers.

We guarantee to select the most suitable credit card terminals, incorporate all necessary settings, install equipment, and provide ongoing technical and customer support.

We have several compensation schedules, from a one-time payment to a monthly residual income stream.

POS systems that we work with: Aldelo POS, National Retail Solutions (NRS POS), Revel POS, Touch Bistro, Micros POS, Heartland Restaurant POS, Liquor POS, PC America and many more. Don't hesitate to get in touch; we’re looking forward to working with you!

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