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Chip Readers Integration

EMV readers that we use

Ingenico ISC series

Ingenico ISC Series

Pax S300

paxs300 1.png

Ingenico Lane series

Ingenico Lane series

Verifone MX series

Verifone MX series

For merchants looking to buy credit card terminals with chip reader technology in the Boston and New York area, we have the solution for you. EMV chip readers are a necessary upgrade for POS systems everywhere; they provide more protection against fraudulent payments and allow for easier transactions.

Since the ability to swipe chip cards was officially revoked in October of 2017, merchants face a considerable liability if they are still content with swiping chip cards in 2021. It is fundamental to ensure that your POS system has a current and operating chip reader to keep you from suffering any penalties. You can ultimately save a significant amount in fees when you avoid the need to swipe and allow customers to insert chip cards. Not to mention, your chances of encountering fraud will lessen significantly.

Smart Payment Solutions can integrate EMV chip readers into several existing systems without the need for a new POS. Our chip readers are compatible with various systems, including Aldelo, Revel, Touch Bistro, Liquor POS, NRS POS, PC America, Micros and more.

We take the time to find the best-suited chip reader for your current system. We are willing to ensure that everything works properly and we will provide you with support after the installation.

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