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Contactless Payments

Accept any Payments at your business completely Touch-Free

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

Tap-To-Pay bank cards

tap to pay bank card

Apple and Google Pay

Apple and Google Pay (Apple and Google Pay)

Since the start of the pandemic, contactless payment terminals have become more crucial than ever before. Contactless payment technology including tap-to-pay bank cards and mobile payments is an essential advancement to keep your business flowing smoothly with up-to-date developments.
Fortunately, here at Smart Payment Solutions, we have installed dozens of contactless payment devices into variety of different businesses. We provide merchants all over Boston and New York with credit card terminals that accept contactless payments, so customers can tap-to-pay and not touch the actual credit card device. With contactless payments, there is no worry regarding COVID-19 as customers can feel confident and safe without handing their cards off to staff.

We provide merchant customers with the option to offer contactless payments and accept all of the latest contactless payment technology through their POS system.​

We can provide merchants a stand-alone terminal, a wireless terminal, or we can integrate a Contactless Payments chip reader into existing POS systems.

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