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Explore becoming a Merchant Services sales representative

Smart Payment Solutions is a dynamically growing merchant service and point-of-sale (POS) company. Our presence is critical in the operation and success of various retail and restaurant businesses. We are excited to provide all-in-one payments and POS technology solutions to many independent merchant customers and chain operators.

We have been a thriving leader among other fellow companies for more than nine years. Our advanced product makes for strong competition, and we’ve made it an easy choice for the majority of merchant customers when it comes to choosing a service provider.


There are plenty of merchants in need of upgrading their POS systems and payment providers. What sets us apart is our sole focus on high-demand products and services among our fellow competitors.

We are currently searching for people willing to sell our services to new potential merchant customers.


We are looking for motivated individuals who would like to join our team. As a member of Smart Payment Solutions, your day-to-day tasks would include visiting and talking to your local businesses and identifying those in need of better payment technology and/or service provider.


This sales position is a positive, upbeat career decision that will provide you with significant experience in the industry alongside plenty of opportunities to grow with us as you become an essential cog in business services. The role will allow you to make new contacts and build strong relationships from various circles within the industry.
Previous experience in sales is a considerable plus. Although experience in sales is not entirely necessary, it will also enable you with an advantage.


The average salary—with bonuses and commission—is an estimated $80,000 in your first year with us and an estimated $130,000 in your second year. The numbers will continue to grow alongside your development of a customer base, home to fellow businesses.


We will guide you throughout the entire training process until you become independent.


Please reach out with any questions concerning the process.


If you think you would fit this role, please send your resume with your past work experience to the contact information listed below. Please also include a few sentences of why you feel you would be an asset to our team. We hope to speak with you soon!

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