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EMV Solutions for Micros POS

Update payment technology for your Micros POS

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EMV Solutions for Micros POS
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EMV Solutions for Micros POS
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EMV (chip) terminals are one of the newer functionalities that have been added into the card-payment industry. Traditional credit cards, with a magnetic strip on the backside, have been slowly modified over time and have recently been converted into small microchips that are now built into most cards. The microchip offers enhanced security of the cardholder’s information.

The majority of Oracle's MICROS POS systems have yet to be modified in accordance with microchips and still are only able to read magnetic strips. The lack of upgraded technology puts merchants at risk of acquiring penalties from card companies as well as losing all chargebacks for not complying with up-to-date Payment Card Standards.

Smart Payment Solution's terminals can accept all of the latest contactless and EMV payment options. We have hundreds of EMV terminals compatible with MICROS POS systems in stock and ready for immediate deployment to merchants throughout Boston and New York area.


Since COVID-19 has become such a prominent concern, many restaurants are searching for ways to reassure their customers and increase restaurant occupancy with safer transactions. We can provide you with the solution; with our help, your MICROS POS system will be able to support contactless and EMV chip readers that will allow you plenty of added freedom with transactions.

Be sure to check out our dedicated web page for this service.

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