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Merchant Accounts for CBD

Sell more products by connecting a merchant account to your store

Merchant Account for CBD

CBD and hemp products have become exceedingly popular as the United States has begun to legalize the medical and recreational use of THC. For years, hemp was not recognized as a different product than that of marijuana and other cannabis plants. Up until 2018, CBD was not legal to sell. However, since then, hemp production has grown rapidly. As a result, merchants have sought the proper accounts to sell and distribute CBD and hemp products. 
Standards for opening a merchant account for CBD and Hemp sales are a little more difficult to meet and can be time-consuming.

In addition to the standard Merchant Application, merchants need to provide additional documents, such as, the list of COAs (certificate of analysis) for each item they plan to sell, provide documentation for who harvests and distributes the products, lab results to validate legal THC levels, pictures of the inventory, no tobacco attestation, and additional forms if needed.

 We can help Boston and New York merchants open new merchant accounts for CBD retail as well as online stores. We have gone through all of the necessary steps, and we have gained the expertise needed to open these types of accounts.

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