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Areas of Service

Below, you will find a considerable amount of expertise that we have gained throughout our nine years in the payment industry. Please feel free to ask us any specific questions concerning your industry; we are happy to accommodate.

Retail (ecommerce merchant services)


We have worked alongside many retail stores and the various point-of-sale (POS) systems that run them. With recent advancements in payment technologies, we have kept up-to-date with both new and old processes to ensure that payments are properly processed.



We have experience with a diversity of POS systems on the market today. As a company, we have assisted dozens of restaurants with setting up and accepting payments through their systems. We can help update merchants' existing POS systems, connect the proper chip readers, or set up an entirely new POS system with our brand.



There are many Point of Sale (POS) and property management systems (PMS) that have yet to provide chip readers. We can help by connecting the suitable chip reader and updating merchants’ POS/PMS with the current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). 

Pharmacy Counter


Many pharmacy owners lack the upgrades that allow their POS systems to accept chip cards. The majority of them still swipe, costing extra fees and susceptibility to fraud. We can help merchants determine the proper equipment and even connect everything to their existing POS system. 

CBD Retailers

​CBD Retailers

Opening a merchant account to sell CBD products maintains guidelines that are different than most and often more difficult to satisfy. We are one of the few companies that know the proper steps needed to open any merchant account, including accounts for CBD and hemp retailers.

Paying by Phone


Our company has set up dozens of e-commerce payment gateways for various businesses. We can help merchants choose the appropriate processor and the best gateway, such as And, we will connect everything and enable it to operate on any website.

You can find all of the reviews submitted by our customers on our Google page.

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