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  • ​What is the process to update my merchant service provider?
    ​All you need to do is send us information about your business and company banking data, and we'll take it from there. We will simply fill out a merchant application with your information, and soon after, we will completely set up your terminal with any necessary settings. Your terminal will support all requirements to maintain your business, such as tips, auto closing time, servers, pin debit cards, and AVS/CVV. You’ll receive your new terminal as soon as possible via UPS. The terminal is fully primed and ready for use immediately after it is given power. * You have the option to remain with your current bank or set up a new merchant account with the bank of your choice. * Our company works alongside most of the provided POS systems and integration is customarily completed by the POS team on their end. * There is no downtime in processing transactions.
  • ​I have a contract that is up in one year. I have to wait until it's up, right?"
    Not necessarily. If needed, we can easily wait until your current contract is up, or we can pay the penalty to your provider and simply revoke the contract. While our rates are substantially better than many of our counterparts, it will only benefit you to pay your way out of your contract and switch to our services sooner. Our company reimburses our merchant customers $500 if you process at least $10,000 in your first month with us. * All contracts between merchants and providers are usually three years long (unless specified in the agreement) and cannot be self-extended without your signature. * The most common early termination penalty is $500 for companies in the United States. * There is an additional loophole: providers will typically charge merchants $40 for each month an account is open but inactive. That said, technically, you can pay $40 a month until your contract expires instead of terminating your agreement and still switch to a better company.
  • Will you help me cancel my current service?
    Yes. We will help you to call and close your merchant account so your current provider will not bill you any longer.
  • ​Will I have any downtime with taking credit cards?
    No, you will not. All terminals that we ship are done so only after being programmed for your specific business and tested to ensure accuracy. As soon as you receive your new terminal, you can merely plug it in and begin taking cards immediately.
  • ​Can I reuse my terminal?
    Yes, most of the time, it is possible to reuse your used terminal; we can easily equip it with our company’s information. The download only takes about thirty minutes, and can be done at your place of business. * When switching POS systems, you can often reuse your existing hardware and implement your newly purchased software.
  • ​What if I will have technical issues?
    Our tech support center is available 24/7, and it is U.S. based. We also have technicians on the road who often respond to trouble calls.
  • ​What if you will raise your rates on me?
    Our company receives a fair percentage from your primary bill on a regular basis. It is in our best interest to provide you with quality service that will ensure your satisfaction. We monitor our clients' statements on a quarterly basis to prevent rate increases and avoid adding miscellaneous fees from third-party companies.
  • ​Why my credit card bill is so high anyway? What am I paying for?
    The vast majority of your bill goes directly to various banking institutions. Banks typically preset rates for each type of card, and these rates are captured and returned to them when their customers pay with their cards at your business. Banks are regulated and cannot raise rates at inopportune moments. Banking rates vary between 0.05 percent and 22 cents and 2.7 percent and 10 cents for each transaction. A small percentage of 0.13 percent goes to widely-used card networks, such as Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex. Merchant service companies also get a percentage by adding their negotiated rates alongside banks, making it especially necessary to pick a reputable company that will maintain low rates. * Merchants also pay for rewards cards in the industry. The rewards that many people get from gas stations or flying miles automatically come out of your pocket when customers use rewards cards.
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