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Our Processing Fees

Benefits of working with us

Owning a business comes alongside plenty of expenses, including merchant processing fees associated with credit and debit card payments. And, unfortunately, when partnering with merchant service providers, the many fees can quickly become puzzling and even misleading.

Many companies take advantage of the complexity of processing fees, leaving merchants in the dark before signing the contract. In the end, they ultimately charge merchants additional, hidden costs that are often non-negotiable.


Between your valuable customers, everyday tasks, and keeping your business afloat, you have enough on your hands. That’s why we are committed to keeping your merchant processing fees as transparent as possible—you will never have to question the amount that’s coming out of your pocket. Not to mention, our fees will always stay the same.

1. Interchange Plus Program   traditional  2% - 4% 

Interchange fees are negotiable, usually fluctuating between 2% and 4%  depending on the cards used for transactions. The fluctuation rate is simple as it is based on the number of different card types accepted and cardholder rewards. Typically, for rewards, card issuing banks charge merchants an extra percentage and put that amount back into the cardholders' accounts.

Visa and Mastercard have their own 0.13% + $0.02 industry fees, which help cover the sale's approval, and these rates fluctuate less often.

The good news is that here at Smart Payment Solutions, the fees that we negotiated for you always stay the same. Our customers' processing fees always stay around 2.4-2.9 percent.

This rate includes bank Interchange fees, VS/MC/AX assessments, transaction and processing fees. We regularly monitor our customers' merchant statements and, if we see unnecessary additions to the current rates, we respond accordingly.

2. O% Cash Discount Program  all fees paid by customers 


Take a look at the Cash Discount Program page to find out how you can stop paying credit card fees and pass them to the customers.

3. Save + Rebate  rebates for up to $5K to qualifying merchants 

The goal of this program is to compare and to save money on processing fees and to provide merchants with a rebate for up to $5000 for each location. Merchants will gain additional capital and their processing fees will be lower than before. We will need to look at the current processing statement to run the analysis.

4. Flat Rate Program  coming soon 

The flat rate option will have one flat rate for swipe, dip, tap and keyed type of sales.

Secure Processing Platforms


We are a certified sales office for FIRST DATA (Fiserv, CardConnect) and TSYS; we typically work with those processing platforms. All payments are handled and processed by the secure gateways, using the most up-to-date payment terminals, EMV technology, P2PE, and tokenization.

Next Day and Same Day Funding

And, above all, each one of our merchants qualifies for next-day funding. Unlike many merchant service providers, with Smart Payment Solutions, you can solve any cash flow problems and receive your funds in less than 24 hours rather than wait 2-3 days.

You can find all of the reviews submitted by our customers on our Google page.

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