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Apple Pay

Serve more customers by accepting Apple Pay at your business

Apple Pay (Smart Payment Solution)
Apple Pay (apple pay on amazon)

Apple Pay-acceptable credit card terminals are a recent development in the payment industry and throughout the nation, and Boston is no foe to the idea. Apple Pay and Google Pay is an up-and-coming development produced by Apple and Google, allowing individuals to integrate their banking information into their devices and make payments straight from their phones. The option is widely popular as customers can rely on their smartphones instead of physical credit cards to make payments with businesses.

With technological advancements that allow consumers to make purchases directly from their smartphones, the need for POS systems that accept Apple Pay in Boston and New York has grown significantly.

Smart Payment Solutions provides Apple Pay credit card terminals for merchants located throughout the Boston, New York area and many other states. Alongside our advanced technology, we can help merchants accept Apple Pay in their stores, opening the door to a broader customer base.

We offer stand-alone and wireless Apple Pay terminals, and we can also integrate an EMV chip reader into existing POS systems.

​By partnering with us, merchants can get a highly-functional and up-to-date payment system that incorporates Apple Pay technology.

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