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When talking to potential clients, we always do a  statement analysis . While determining charges can be a rather complicated procedure, our expertise and knowledge in the payment industry can help merchants better understand the process as we show them their actual rates.

There are approximately five hundred cards available, each having its own charges when used with different payment systems. All cards are encrypted with a particular code, and while they all appear on merchant statements, comparing rates without the necessary training is nearly impossible.​

​When we do statement analysis, we have a team of people who  break down each card type  and put them into a simple Excel spreadsheet. This way, we can get right down to numbers with merchants, showing them their actual bottom line and avoiding the speculation of any hidden fees.​

We recommend sending your statements to us for a detailed comparison instead of trying to break them down yourself.


*We do not always guarantee to save money

Here is an example of a detailed spreadsheet,  showing each card, their current and proposed rates, and the number of transactions at this business. Here, you can better see how we break down rates for our clients, showing them exactly what their monthly fees are. 


Results speak for itself! Our goal is to negotiate your rates down to a minimum. Feel free to send your credit card statements for a detailed analysis. We will notify you in case of any miscellaneous fees or hidden charges on your account.

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