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Cash Discount Program

Accept all credit and debit cards at absolutely $0 cost

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Cash Discount is a new program that was recently allowed in Boston and made available to all merchants across the U.S.

Since its introduction in 2017, every day many merchants are coming on board and singing up for this new program.

The Cash Discount or Surcharging program helps merchants to stop paying credit card fees by shifting it to the customers who pay with their credit and debit cards. ​Customers have the option to pay with their card of choice and pay a small fee or they can pay with cash and the fee will be waived.

Merchants that sign up for the Cash Discount or Surcharging program will have their POS payment terminals programmed with a 4% surcharge on top of the original price when people pay with their cards.

The Cash Discount program is fully legal in Massachusetts, New York, and many other states. We have dozens of merchant customers who are happy with their decision to participate in the program. They now pay absolutely no credit card fees and the customers are aware of and completely comfortable with this program.


The merchant runs the card for a $100 sale.  The cardholder is then charged a total of $104.
If we take 3.84% of the transaction out then the business owner pays $4.00 in fees on the $104 sale.
$104 * 3.84% = $4
$104 - $4 = $100 deposit.
This ends up being a 4% charge on the original $100 sale.  The business owner is charging 4% to the client and exactly 4% is being paid to offset by the 3.84% processing charge. 


We can integrate the Cash Discount program to any credit card terminals or to the POS systems such as Harbortouch, Aldelo, Revel, Micros, PC America, Liquor POS, NRS POS and many more.

If this program will not work out for you, you can go back to the old program at any time.

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