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EMV Technology to Make Transaction Secure and Easy

EMV chips are the worldwide standard for authenticating debit and credit cards. The USA began using an EMV chip cards payment system in 2015. This technology was widely used in Europe and Canada before adopting it in the USA.

Since the adoption of EMV technology has become relatively common in the U.S. Most cards are now produced with a magnetic stripe on edge with a rectangular chip called EMV chip.

Nowadays, many restaurant customers in NYC prefer to pay with a chip card. They insert a card into an EMV credit card reader in New York and make transactions with authenticity and security possible.

EMV technology was created mainly to prevent card transaction deception. EMV cards are smart cards and more secure because they store their data on integrated circuits. In addition, they also have the old style magnetic-strip to ensure backward compatibility.

We have the solution for retailers looking to purchase a credit card terminal with chip reader technology in the New York area. EMV chip card readers in New York are an essential advancement for POS systems. They offer greater protection against duplicitous payments and make easier transactions.

Our technicians at Smart payment solutions can integrate EMV chip readers into many existing systems without adding a new POS. Our chip readers are well-suited with various systems, including Touch Bistro, Aldello, NRS POS, Revel, PC America, Liker POS, Micros, and more.

EMV chip cards can also support NFC (Near Field Communication). You can complete the transaction by holding a card over the EMV chip reader or simply tapping the card on it. This is called a contactless transaction in which you don't need to insert the chip card into the card reader's slot. While most nations are going the route of dual facilities (contact and contactless), most financial organizations and banks in the United States only issue contact cards. One reason is that it's expensive to buy dual-capacity cards and the required reader device.

Financial data on chip cards are more secure as it deals with dynamic authentication, i.e., the data is constantly changing. This makes it difficult to isolate, and even if someone intends to commit fraud, they can access the data, but it is impossible to use it because it is highly encrypted.

The terminals of the Smart Payment Solution can accept all the latest contactless and EMV payment options. We also provide EMV terminals compatible with the latest MICROS POS systems and ready for immediate deployment to New York City and Boston retailers. 'Smart Payment Solution' is also the leading provider of restaurant payment solutions in New York.

Smart Payment Solutions takes time to find the most suitable chip reader for a merchant's current POS system. We are ready to make sure everything works perfectly, and we'll provide you with technical support services after installation.

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